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EPG was awarded with “renowned merchandise of Zhejiang Province” and “popular manufacturer of Zhejiang Province”. Sophisticated thermo treatment tools, these kinds of as network warmth therapy oven, multi-use thermo therapy oven, etc. We are seeking ahead to establishing productive company associations with new clientele about the world in the foreseeable future.
one.Product Overview
GDL vertical multistage inline pump is the newest model with the attributes of energy-conserving and less space demand, simple to set up and has stable performances.
With AISI 304 stainless steel shell and wear resistant axle seal, the pump can dwell EPTT support existence with no leakage.
With EPT equilibrium to harmony the aXiHu (West EPT) pressure, the pump can operate a lot more smoothly with less noise, and it can be simply mounted in the identical stage pipelines, which enEPTTs EPT set up problems than design GDL.
With these characteristics, GDL pump can simply meet the requirements and needs for h2o offer and drainage for large buildings, deep wells and EPT-fighting equipments.

Stream range: up to 195m3/h
EPT range: up to 230m
Pace: 2900r/min
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum force: 2.5MPa
Medium temperature: -fifteen~ 120 ordmC
EPT temperature: le forty ordmC
EPT protection level: IP44, IP54
Insulation grade: B, F
Rotation route: clockwise
Flanges DN: 25 to 150
Sizzling and chilly drinking water distribution and circuits
Domestic h2o provide for properties
JCEP offer of houses,large buildings and hotels
JCEP drinking water offer for buildings(JCEP battling force boosting)
JCEP provide equipments
JCEP offer for EPTs
JCEP circulation and boosting for EPTT
Other thoroughly clean fluid transportation
For all EPTT exactly where chemically EPT,non-explosive obvious liquids without having abrasive particles

four.PUMP Benefit:
EPT EPT performance
Minimal EPT usage
Minimal audio amounts
Virtually servicing free
. StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rdised with flanges. Coupled to the pump by rigid coupling
. Velocity: 2900 rpm
. Winding three-section 380V/fifty Hz
. Insulating class: F
. Defense: IP55
six.Model Indicating
fifty: Inlet amp Outlet Diameter (mm)
GDL: Vertical Multistage EPTline EPT
18: Movement (m sup3/h)
fifteen: One Suction EPT (m)
6: Phase


8.Set up Dimension

nine.Principal parts List

Element EPT
Shaft seal type EPTT gland or Mechncial sesal
EPTTeller Solid iron, Ductile iron, EPTT steel , Stainless steel, Bronze, Duplex SS
Shaft 2Cr13, 3Cr13, Duplex SS

10.Portion of Design Overall performance

Product Circulation EPT
m3/h L/s
25GDL2-12×3 two .6 36 1.1
25GDL2-12×4 two .6 48 1.1
25GDL2-12×5 2 .six 60 1.5
25GDL2-12×6 two .six seventy two 1.five
25GDL2-12×7 2 .6 eighty four 2.2
25GDL2-12×8 2 .6 96 two.2
25GDL2-12×9 2 .6 108 2.two
25GDL2-12×10 2 .six one hundred twenty three
25GDL2-12×11 2 .6 132 3
25GDL2-12×12 2 .six 144 three
25GDL4-11×3 4 1.1 33 1.1
25GDL4-11×4 four one.1 44 one.5
25GDL4-11×5 four fifty five two.two
25GDL4-11×6 four one.1 sixty six two.2
25GDL4-11×7 four 77 3
25GDL4-11×8 four 88 three
25GDL4-11×9 four 1.1 99 three
25GDL4-11×10 four a hundred and ten 4
25GDL4-11×11 four 121 4
25GDL4-11×12 4 one.1 132 4
40GDL6-12×3 6 36 one.five
40GDL6-12×4 6 forty eight 2.two
40GDL6-12×5 six 60 two.two
40GDL6-12×6 six one.7 72 3
40GDL6-12×7 six 1.7 84 3
40GDL6-12×8 6 96 4
40GDL6-12×9 6 one.7 108 four
40GDL6-12×10 6 one.7 a hundred and twenty 4
40GDL6-12×11 six 132 five.5
40GDL6-12×12 six a hundred and forty four 5.5
50GDL12-15×2 twelve three.three thirty 2.2
50GDL12-15×3 12 3.3 forty five three
50GDL12-15×4 12 3.3 60 four
50GDL12-15×5 12 three.three 75 five.five
50GDL12-15×6 12 3.three ninety five.5
50GDL12-15×7 twelve 3.3 one hundred and five 7.five
50GDL12-15×8 twelve three.three a hundred and twenty 7.five
50GDL12-15×9 12 3.3 a hundred thirty five 11
50GDL12-15×10 12 3.three one hundred fifty eleven
50GDL18-15×2 18 5 thirty 3
50GDL18-15×3 18 five 45 4
50GDL18-15×4 eighteen five 60 5.five
50GDL18-15×5 one eight 5 75 seven.5
50GDL18-15×6 1 8 5 ninety seven.five
50GDL18-15×7 one 8 5 one hundred and five 11
50GDL18-15×8 18 five a hundred and twenty eleven
50GDL18-15×9 18 five one hundred thirty five 15
50GDL18-15×10 18 5 one hundred fifty fifteen
65GDL24-12×2 24 6.7 24 3
65GDL24-12×3 24 36 4
65GDL24-12×4 24 6.7 forty eight five.five
65GDL24-12×5 24 6.7 60 seven.5
65GDL24-12×6 24 six.7 72 seven.five
65GDL24-12×7 24 six.7 84 eleven
65GDL24-12×8 24 six.7 96 eleven
65GDL24-12×9 24 108 fifteen
65GDL24-12×10 24 a hundred and twenty fifteen
80GDL36-12×2 36 ten 24 four
80GDL36-12×3 36 ten 36 5.five
80GDL36-12×4 36 ten forty eight 7.5
80GDL36-12×5 36 10 60 11
80GDL36-12×6 36 ten 72 11
80GDL36-12×7 36 ten 84 15
80GDL36-12×8 36 10 96 fifteen
80GDL36-12×9 36 10 108 18.5
80GDL36-12×10 36 ten a hundred and twenty eighteen.5
80GDL54-14×2 fifty four fifteen 28 7.five
80GDL54-14×3 54 fifteen forty two 11
80GDL54-14×4 54 fifteen 56 15
80GDL54-14×5 54 15 70 eighteen.five
80GDL54-14×6 54 fifteen eighty four 18.5
80GDL54-14×7 54 15 ninety eight 22
80GDL54-14×8 fifty four 15 112 30
80GDL54-14×9 fifty four 15 126 30
80GDL54-14×10 fifty four 15 a hundred and forty 37
100GDL72-14×2 seventy two 20 28 11
100GDL72-14×3 seventy two twenty forty two 15
100GDL72-14×4 72 twenty 56 18.five
100GDL72-14×5 72 20 70 22
100GDL72-14×6 72 twenty eighty four 30
100GDL72-14×7 seventy two twenty ninety eight 30
100GDL72-14×8 72 20 112 37
100GDL72-14×9 72 twenty 126 37
100GDL72-14×10 72 20 140 45
100GDL100-20×2 a hundred 27.eight 40 eighteen.5
100GDL100-20×3 100 27.8 sixty thirty
100GDL100-20×4 100 27.eight eighty 37
100GDL100-20×5 one hundred 27.eight one hundred 45
100GDL100-20×6 one hundred 27.8 a hundred and twenty fifty five
100GDL100-20×7 one hundred 27.eight one hundred forty seventy five
100GDL100-20×8 one hundred 27.8 a hundred and sixty 75
100GDL100-20×9 one hundred 27.8 a hundred and eighty 75
100GDL100-20xl0 one hundred 27.eight 200 ninety
125GOL126-20×2 126 35 forty eighteen.five
125GDL126-20×3 126 35 60 thirty
125GDL126-20×4 126 35 eighty 37
125GDL126-20×5 126 35 a hundred 45
125GDL126-20×6 126 35 a hundred and twenty fifty five
125GDL126-20×7 126 35 one hundred forty seventy five
125GDL126-20×8 126 35 one hundred sixty 75
125GDL126-20×9 126 35 a hundred and eighty 75
125GDL126-20×10 126 35 two hundred ninety
150GDL160-30×2 one hundred sixty forty four.4 60 45
150GDL160-30×3 a hundred and sixty forty four.4 ninety seventy five
150GDL160-30×4 160 forty four.four 120 90
150GDL160-30×5 a hundred and sixty forty four.4 one hundred fifty a hundred and ten
150GDL160-30×6 one hundred sixty 44.4 180 132
150GDL160-30×7 one hundred sixty forty four.4 210 160

Pre-sales support:
#8226We are a product sales staff, with all technological assistance from engineer staff.
#8226We worth each inquiry despatched to us, make certain rapid competitive offer you in 24 several hours.
#8226We cooperate with consumer to style and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the new merchandise. Provide all required doc.

Following-sales services:
#8226We respect your feed again following EPT the motors.
#8226We give 1years guarantee following receipt of motors..
#8226We promise all spare elements obtainable in life time use.
#8226We loge your complain inside of 24 hours.

  in Detroit United States  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier GDL Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler